Seminar on characteristic cycles, after Takeshi Saito

Spring semester 2020 - Wednesday 10-12 - UZH Y27 - Room H25

This reading seminar is devoted to the study of characteristic cycles defined by Takeshi Saito.

Detailed program of the talks : pdf

List of the talks
  1. (11/03, Artem) Swan conductor and Grothendieck-Ogg-Shafarevich formula
  2. (18/03, Arthur) Semi-continuity of the Swan conductor
  3. (25/03, Emil) Conical subsets of the cotangent bundle
  4. (01/04) no talk
  5. (08/04, Nicolas) Local acyclicity and micro-support
  6. (15/04) no talk (Easter break)
  7. (22/04, Dahli) Singular support
  8. (29/04, Lorenzo) Milnor formula and isolated characteristic points
  9. (06/05, Alberto) Characteristic cycle
  10. (13/05, Doosung) Characteristic class
  11. (20/05) Pull-back of characteristic cycles
  12. (27/05) The index formula

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