Arthur Forey

Postdoctoral researcher at EPFL, Lausanne, chair TAN, funded by SNSF Ambizione grant "Metric and additive invariants in tame non-Archimedean geometry"

Arthur Contact

Office: MA C3 604 (EPFL, route cantonale, 1015 Lausanne, Switerland)
e-mail: arthur.forey (at)

Postal adress:
Station 8
1015 Lausanne


Research interests

Applications of model theory of valued fields to algebraic geometry and number theory : motivic integration, singularity invariants, point counting and exponential sums over finite fields

  1. Motivic local density. Math. Z., 287(1-2):361-403, 2017 (pdf), 43p.
  2. Virtual rigid motives of semi-algebraic sets. Sel. Math. (N. S.) , 25(6), 2019 (pdf), 43p.
  3. A motivic local Cauchy-Crofton formula. manuscripta math., 166, p523–533, 2021 (pdf), 11p.
  4. (with Raf Cluckers and François Loeser) Uniform Yomdin-Gromov parametrizations and points of bounded height in valued fields. Algebra Number Theory, 14(6), 1423-1456, 2020 (pdf), 37p.
  5. (with Yimu Yin) Bounded integral and motivic Milnor fiber. arXiv:1910.12764, 2020(v2) (pdf), 55p.
  6. (Will Sawin, mis en forme par Arthur Forey, Javier Fresán et Emmanuel Kowalski) Quantitative sheaf theory. arXiv:2101.00635, to appear in J. Amer. Math. Soc. 2021 (pdf), 66p.
  7. (with Emmanuel Kowalski) Curves in their jacobian are Sidon sets. arXiv:2103.04917, 2021 (pdf), 3p.
  8. (with Javier Fresán and Emmanuel Kowalski) Arithmetic Fourier transforms over finite fields : Generic vanishing, tannakian categories, and equidistribution. arXiv:2109.11961, 2021 (pdf), 220p.

Lectures notes for the Master course "O-minimality and diophantine applications" (pdf)
My PhD thesis, under the direction of François Loeser, Invariants motiviques dans les corps valués (pdf)

Seminar on characteristic cycles, after T. Saito
Spring semester 2020, program of the talks


Autumn semester 2019
O-minimality and diophantine applications

Spring semester 2019
Seminar on the combinatorial Nullstellensatz

Past years
Enseignements en 2016 / 2017

2M120 - Eléments d'artithmétique (TD, L2 d'Informatique)

2M175 - Groupes de permutations et groupes d'isométrie (TD, L2 de Mathématiques)

3M123 - Angles et isométries affines (TD, L3 de Mathématiques)

Enseignements en 2015 / 2016

2M360 - Suites et séries de fonctions (TD, L2 de Mathématiques)

2M371 - Algèbre linéaire 2 (TD, L2 de Mathématiques)